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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Back to the my future
Dedicated to Kehaulani

Submitted by Bob

I had met Kehaulani in March 2007 on a business trip in Portland Oregon. She was a reservation specialist at the Ramada Inn. We talked and I had asked her for her Email address and she gracefully agreed to accept my offer to keep in touch. We conversed for several months and one day she said that it would be nice if we could spend the 4th of July watching the fireworks on the Columbia River, " just a thought" she said. I had lost my son a couple of months ago and she was there for me all the time. What a good and compassionate person. I had the reservation made within 1 hour on July 2nd and to my surprise, she was anxiously awaiting my arrival.

We had two days together, but she made it feel like two weeks. We toured Portland, Vancouver , and Seattle. I had the greatest time of my life as I had been a caregiver for my wife and son , both deceased now , for the past thirty years. This was my first outing without worrying about somebodys well being.

Kehaulani, from the Big Island of Hawaii , is such a special person. Sure , I sent her flowers and it's easy to say things over the net, but she was truly genuine. We talked , laughed , teased ,and I even got "pinched" a few times...made me feel real special!! I didn't want to leave as I was falling in love with this beautiful person.

I have found my diamond, a most "brillant one" and have no need to go " back to the mines " . Life gives back to you as you give to it, and my Lord in heaven is giving me another chance. My tears run as I type this and think about starting a new life with the most special person in the entire world.

My Kehaulani, if you feel the same, I will travel the 2000 miles as often as necessary to win your heart as you have such a hold on always, Aloha, Bob

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