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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Coconut Palm
Dedicated to All Lovers

Submitted by Yaritza

In a liltle country of my native city call (estebania)I was readin a very original megazine, its content, was wonderfull, Ive never has seen the paradise of my dreams on paper, I supposed that those beatifull coconut palms, just existed on my mind, but I was wrong, because those betifull palms was too in the megazine, that was a very good article ,and all my drams turnin into reallity I was happy so happy, so I close my eyes, like a blind person I forgot the reality for a few of moments and began to think to dream, and sleep, just smiling for myself, meanwhile the coconut palms was causing that my soul floated,that was the most,the best especial occadion to know that I need, fight for my drams and guess what I want to meet hawaii!

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