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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Wow... I'm In Love!
Dedicated to Erik!!

Submitted by Meeee

okay so there is this guy, and his name is, well lets call him erik. i've known him a little over two years now. I've had a crush on him from the moment i met him, We go to the same school, and even though last year we were not in any of the same classes i liked him. then the following year, we were in pretty much all of the same classes! but there was this new boy, and he was really hot and i was getting kinda tired of waiting for erik. sooooo when the new boy (lets call him bob) asked me out i said yes. well, we went out for eight months, and i loved him, but i just couldn't stop thinking about erik. well erik and bob became best friends and me and erik because really close. he deff. my best guy friend. He is always here for me, and he listens to me and my problems. We have stayed up till 3:00 in the morning talking countless times. so i broke up with bob. although, while i was still dating bob, erik got a girlfriend, which he didnt' tell me about. i had to find out through a friend. but me and erik constantly flirt, and tease eachother. We have a ton of inside jokes and we can always make eachother laugh. well its the summer now and erik is changing schools so i am pretty much heartbroken. I keep hoping for a miricle. even if i'm not his girlfriend, i want him to be happy. I just want him to stay at the same school so i can at least still see him and talk to him!! i am so in love with him he is all i can ever think about!! i have dreams about him & me taking trips to hawaii and i can't imagine my life without him!!!

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