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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Dedicated to Kehaulani

Submitted by Bob

It had come to pass that I was begining a new business venture and had to travel to Portland Oregan for some classes. I live in a suburb of chicago. I got to the hotel, got settled and began to roam the building. The pool was outdoors and closed as it was March, the whirlpool was out of order, the customer computer out of order!! Finally went outside only to realize the beauty of the mountains, flowers and the blue sky. All was not lost---God lived here also. Upon my return to the hotel, I met a customer service representative. She took the time to talk to me and to cheer me up as my son was dying from a rare disease. Her name was Kehaulani, from the Big Island of Hawaii. How kind of her to take time with me to chat--and what a beautiful smile. Being a widower with to terminally ill children at home, I haven't had time to date or make time for myself. Kehaulani had rekindeled all the youthful feeling in me. Not being a bold person, for the first time in my life,I had never had the nerve to ask a girl for her phone number, I asked her for her e-mail address and would it be ok to keep in touch. She said of course. Upon my return to chicago, my youngest son passed away from Huntingtons disease. Kehaulani was my strength and my reason to go foward. We have been e-mailing her now for over 2 months, Almost everyday, sometimes twice a day, Can this happen over the internet? Can I be falling in love again after 30 years 0f caregiving. My mind says no, but my heart says yes. My dear Kehaulani, My heavenly mist, If I could only tell you how much I care for you , But we live over 2000 miles away from each other and it seems impossible. Recently she let her son that is in college borrow her computer as his crashed. I miss our daily conversations so much. My heart aches----It's been three days now, I must be in love again. Yes, Kehaulani, my special one....I'm still here...Maybe someday we will meet---Yours truly,Bob

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