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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

25 Years of Love
Dedicated to Kenika aka Dennis

Submitted by Coleen

Kauai was the only destination in mind for our 25th Anniversary. It is a place of magic and spirituality, rest, love and fun.We awoke on our 25th year with a kiss and, "Happy Anniversary." It was just getting light and our Friends were already out taking pictures of the sunrise. We were on the east side of Paradise. Once the sun was up we all went to Al and Don's for breakfast with the mourning doves and enjoyed Hawaiian breakfast, including rice. We spent the day at Smith's Gardens, wandering through the serene grounds. At exactly 2:15 p.m. pst Dennis and I, alone on the trail by the pond and the blooming trees stopped, faced each other and said, "I do." You see, that is the time we shared vows at Lake Tahoe 25 year before. That evening we shared dinner with our 3 Friends at Duke's Canoe Club. It was Love, Friendship, Magic. When I mentioned that all we were missing was a little rain, we wished for it, and even that happened.

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