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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

"Just Us"
Dedicated to My Dream

Submitted by A

I just reintroduced myself to the"free-life" when I whisked myself away to be alone in paradise. But from the moment I touched it's solid foundation there was a presences of grace place as my path, I ventured alone to face the beaches, with loneileness that pierced my heart and as the trade-winds were crossing i found myself at just the right gate.

A hidden tavern as i pondered and influenced myself that i am in paradise and there could dare not be any feelings of strife, a figure caught my eye, as i delagated not to approach I could not fight its guided tour.

My hello was that of taste and timing for this man so blessed he filled with elegance was in the same confusion. What attached us to this monument of open space?

Now we reflect as our time is dear and every year we now commite to the hawaiian island of this founded mystery that has made us exusive to "Just-us"! Thank you for the love of a life-time.

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