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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Second Wedding
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Donna

Perhaps a lot of people think that love belongs to the young. My mom once told me though that I will know what true love is after I have been married for

25 years. My husband and I finally had our second marriage by celebrating 33 years of marriage. We had a Jewish ceremony. Our first wedding was a Catholic ceremony. I think I know now what my mom was talking about. True love is staying with a person through the thick and thin. True love is seeing beyond the obvious aging process to see that we are really "young at heart". True love is knowing that that person will always be there through your parents even dying. Our first honeymoon was in Hawaii. We had the wedding but could not afford the Hawaiian second honeymoon to celebrate this special occasion. Honoring older people is a lost art in our culture. We seem to worship youth, but I hope that whoever reads this sees between the lines. (no pun intended!) and sees

our hearts are still warmly aglow. Thank you ......

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