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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Love at First Sight
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Vikki

When they say love at first sight. They mean it! I was separated from my first husband and went out one night with my brothers wife. We went to a local bar. As I was scanning the room I saw a handsome man and I thought to myself, "If he turns around and looks at me, I will smile at him." Right when I thought that, he DID turn around and look at me and I smiled at him. He nodded and silently said "YES!". Then he walked over to me and grabbed my arm and started talking about walking in the woods. What I didnt know was, he was checking me out earlier and stood where I could see him. That was 14 years ago and we are still together. We have been having hard times lately and a trip to beautiful Hawaii will be a lovely way to bring it back together for us and celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary on May 1st.

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