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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Adventure
Dedicated to Jonathan

Submitted by Heather

Walking up a dusty old road,
Sun blazing round the bitter cold.
Gravel crunching beneath my feet
Nose red, hands numb, I wish for heat.

Down the road, a truck rumbles by
Transporting wheat, barley, and rye,
Filled with oats, and rich golden hay
Horses, cattle and dogs that play.

Hiding in, the back of the truck
Squished between a horse, hog, and duck.
Without complaint, I start to smile
The farm's up the road a half a mile.

I rest my head on my arm and dream
Of my darling husband and me, a team.
Away on a trip to Hawaii us two,
To sandy beaches and the big ocean blue.

Our bungalo we two will share
Some time away without a care
Time to relax and enjoy our trip
Take a walk on the sand or have a quick dip

The resort is clean, warm, and bright
This place called Hawaii, is really alright.
The ocean waves relaxing and calm
The birds and flowers and leafy palms.

A bump and a jolt knock me back to my senses
Away goes my dream as the truck hits a fence.
Skrieeeek go the brakes as I sway side to side
Drifting my thoughts, back onto this ride!

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