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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Lifetime of Love
Dedicated to My forever man

Submitted by Elizabeth

A Lifetime of Love
Gnarled fingers grasped the next tiny piece of brightly colored cloth,
And firmly stitched it to its neighbor.
Each tiny scrap saved from one project or another
Carefully tucked away in a treasure box of possibilities.
"Never, ever waste anything that might one day prove useful."
The words had often left her lips.
"From each day, take a memory, a joy, a thought, and store it carefully away."
For many days the old woman sat in the shade of the porch,
The porch, her husband had built for her in his youth.
As she reached into the box and removed each scrap,
Her lips moved in silence
Pulling forth from the crevices of her memory
The joys each project had rendered.
The shirt she stitched for him when he had a job interview.
(They really needed the income—times were hard)
The curtains that hung on the windows in the kitchen,
The heart of her little home.
The lace edged hankie,
A gift from her grandmother for her 16th birthday.
The baby blanket that had swaddled each newborn child
With which they had been blessed.
The remnants of play clothes
So soon outgrown they were no longer remembered by any—save one.
Finally, she happened upon one small scrap
The dam was broken,
The tears slid gently down the weathered cheeks.
"Yes," She thought, "It is fitting to include my wedding dress.
By so doing, I hope to pass on the love that has bound
This family together
That has kept me whole, safe and warm.
The love that has endured through thick and thin,
Through good times and sad.
I wish for this couple, the love that we had."
As she stitched the last piece securely in place,
She laid out the crazy quilt her life had wrought,
And imagined the sunshine on her granddaughter's face.
For when love warms the heart, its rays break forth from the smile
And twinkles in the eyes.
The quilt would be her wedding gift—
Along with the memories it holds, and the promise of more to come.
Pinned carefully to the corner she would find a small envelope,
Containing the tickets and hotel for her honeymoon in Hawaii.
The old woman never got there even though it had been a dream
She and her husband shared,
The dream would come true for her granddaughter.

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