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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My First Visit To Hawaii
Dedicated to The Aloha Country

Submitted by Tri

I fell in love with the warm welcome of Parasdise,
My lei whispered its haiku to the mighty mountains.
The scent of the salt tickled my nostrils,
I was led to my lonely dreams of the "now."

I fell in love with the indigo ocean
As I gazed at the Hawaii blue that blazed my tny galaxy.
As the crescendo of the waves kept knocking at my door,
All my arteries and veins swayed, blissfully, to the Aloha dance.

I fell in love with the Waikiki's mermaids
When they swam, flairfully, toward the twilit moon.
Each of their golden fins fluttered, joyfullly,
As my heart listened to their melodious shriek.

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