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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii - A Home To Strangers
Dedicated to My loving husband and daughers

Submitted by Tammy

My husband and I have been married for 23 years and he was born into a military family in Hawaii some 47 years ago. We have always wanted to travel to his birth place, not only to experience paradise but to greet and revel in the place that he was born.

However, having little money and two daughters to raise we never seemed to have the money and our dream faded away over the years.

After some 19 years, our eldest daughter marries a military man and where is he to be stationed, but Hawaii! My daughter and son-in-law invited us out in 2004 and we have never experienced such a lovely environment in our entire lives. The way people greet eachother, the way they care, the beauty in every place you look, just inspired us to enjoy our vacation and to feel blessed to be in Hawaii and around such lovely people, rich with history and culture.

Our kids have invited us again (for the last time as they will be transferring soon) to attend her December 11th, 2006, Chaminade University Graduation where she will graduate summa cum laude in elementary education and we feel doubly blessed to have this event IN HAWAII. What a real treat for us.

We have about 10 years left to work before we retire and we have thought long and hard about making the long move to Hawaii. There is romance in the air, love in the faces of people you don't know, places and things to delight the eyes and above all God's blessings are abundant as how could something be so beautiful without God's special attention to detail.

We remain grateful to the Island of Hawaii for teaching us a better way of life, patience, calmness and the ability to see that there are better places to be if you only look and keep your dreams alive.

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