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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

There's No Christmas Without You..
Dedicated to Jay

Submitted by 1sexysuga

So near yet so far..
When we met at your mother's funeral...
Something happened inside of me..
You smile..
You deameaner
so gentle so kind..
I knew in my heart that in time we would intwine..
When or how..
One never know
But one day for sure..
You will be all mine..
I anticipated the day you would return..
But your phone call told me I should be concerned..
My world came to a crash..
When you said you were tight for cash...
Broke my heart
Because we live so far apart..
I knew my Christmas
would be lonely as such..
It has been so many times before...
But I thought things would changed...
For its you I adore..
Hawaii Is where I want to be...
To be near you at Christmas and New Years Eve..
It would bring so much joy to my heart..
To come to Oahu with you and make a brand new, romantic start..

Katrina entered my life in Mississippi...
and oh no it wasn't very pretty...
Taught must seek a friend and a true lover..
One that I can be proud to take home to mother..
Now that I've found you..
I'm afraid of what comes next..
Our birthdays are separated by a day...
I just can't believe things are happening this way..
If only a miracle would happen...
I would exit the plane with great joy and laughter..
You say Hawaii is such a beautiful place...
I wanna walk in the moonlight and feel its romantic graces..
Oh such a dreamer am I..
It keeps me busy for I wanna just cry...

I miss you Jay..
and wish you were here..
They say there are no second chances...
But they've never heard of love at first glances..
God gives and he takes..
I hope he fixes this before its too late..

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