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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to Mona Lisa

Submitted by Kitchener

After nineteen years with the wife of my youth, I've discovered year after year that I find in my wife a new woman with each new season. She grows and matures along side with me. I would love to go on hikes with her. Go swimming with her. Ride bikes with her. Learn to snorkel with her. Maybe even surf with her. Who knows? She has captivated my heart and held it for all these years and I love to rediscover her and find new treasures of love for her. She's the woman that every man needs, a perfect fit to satisfy my heart. She's the one that I couldn't be without. Life has its ups and downs, but for our twentieth anniversary, I would love to spend it rocking in a boat up and down off of the coast of Hawaii. If she will only want to spend it with me there, we might discover two new people within ourselves once again. She's like a seashell placed closely to my ear -I hear an endless sea of rushing tides of love. Wouldn't it be nice to spend our anniversary where she can put her ear next to me and her heart next to mine? And if she listens real closely she might hear one thing, "Hawaii with me."

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