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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaiian love story
Dedicated to Breitling replica watch

Submitted by Bianca

Of course, it wasn't by chance that yesterday morning we took the plane to Hawaii. Me and Alice together. Well, we discussed it a lot of times before the very departure; however, you never know what it's going to be like. Result not justified by waiting - what can be worse? I mean, you go somewhere and you expect something, but once you are there all you get is a disappointment. It isn't far from reality in most of cases. Let me tell you what: you always expect more than you're going to get and it's true. Hawaii. This one was a mere exception. All my sarcasm and ironic evaluation disappeared as soon as we spent there our first half a day. I wouldn't say our love got stronger, yet we gained back the tension of the very first days we were in love with each other. That was strange to feel the time got back. I'm not a writer, you know, but I know there were inexplicable things there. Certainly, you have seen the photos of the remote and solitary beaches illuminated by the setting sun. Don't believe it! As a matter of fact, it is much more beautiful than that. I wouldn't go in for explaining the way of time passing. It seemed that you had hundreds of impressions per day that you used to have for a month in your ordinary life.

It couldn't pass like that. I realized I needed to make a conclusion finalizing and summarizing the whole trip. I started thinking over all the possible gifts ever existed in the world and checking all possible variants. Was it by chance as well or there's no chance events at all, however I came across the marvelous little thing. It was a Chopard watch. Swiss made gold with diamond case, pearl dial revolving fishes on it and diamond bracelet. Rose gold just like Hawaiian beach at the sunset. The exact reminiscence. Alice was happy and so was I. I thought this watch would be the best reminder of this unforgettable trip.

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