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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Dedicated to My Hubby

Submitted by Darice

I had just gotten out of a horrible abusive relationship. The man of my dreams swept me off my feet just in time. I went out one night to a club and I saw this good looking guy in the distance. I knew he was the one I would marry whether I knew him or not. I told my friend the guy accross the room we are going to get married. She just laughed and said you never even met him. A few minutes later I approached him, introduced myself and we began to talk. I was in love. We exchanged numbers at the end of the night and he called me. We began talking quit a bit. I was alittle nervous about the entire situation because I didn't tell him the night I met him ,I had a 9 month old girl.Eventually I ended up telling him and he was the best father any little girl could have. We dated for 5 years before he proposed to me. We have now been married for 6 years. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have three wonderful children. There has never been a day when my husband has not helped me with the children. He will come home from work and bathe the children if they haven't had their baths or feed them. He works very hard to be the perfect father. I was blessed with a wonderful man that I saw across the room in a club. I would love to take my husband and our three children to hawaii to thank him for all he has done. My daughter's best friend just moved to hawaii last year and she is extremely upset and lonely. This trip would make all our dreams come true.This year especially has been tough for all of us.I had to evacuate for a hurricane while I was pregnant and due any day. I had to drive on the road for 9 hours of traffic, dilated to three, with two children and my mom .I had no idea what or where I was going to go if i went into labor. We were hit by hurricane Katrina. I had a baby two days after the storm in Cameron, Louisiana, My first c-section(of course complications). I stopped dilating at 7 cm and the baby's heart rate began to drop.Not even 2 weeks after I had Cameron we had to evacuate from another storm, Rita. We stayed in hotels, the hospital, a complete strangers house for months. We came home and had lost everything. I became extremely depressed from all the trauma and had to see a therapist.My husband had lost his job as well. Our relationship survived all of this. I truly believe in true love, especially if your relationship can handle what we went through then it can handle anything! Darice Breath july 2006

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