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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Sweeped off my feet
Dedicated to All girls that r in love

Submitted by Anonymous

Ember was quietly reading Summer of Roses in her bed room when her phone rang. She told her roommate Rose, that she would get it. Next thing she knew is that she had won 2 allexpence paid,first class tickets to Hawaii. She asked Rose if she had entred some kind of contest and Rose said she had. While on the plane,Ember had noticed a very handsome young man about her age right next to her on the plane because she had not been able to be seated with Rose.She began conversing with the young man to find out that his name was Jack. She told him her suite so that he could talk some more with her.The very next day he took her out on the beach. She and Rose had found a guy 4 the vacation. They both were best friends as well.They both took the girls out for a walk on the beach. Once at the end of the date, both guys literally swooped the girls from their feet. This happened for a week until the couples left.The both girls got married with the same guys. After the graduated college, the guys proposed to them an they both acceped. They each had 1 child and kept in touch.

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