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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Memories of a life passed
Dedicated to Ebon Banks

Submitted by Brenda

Our trip to Hawaii started as us being guests at the Wedding of my stepbrother. When I say us I am referring to, myself (Brenda), my sister (Sheila) and brother in law (Ebon).

We arrived on October 29th, 2005 with no particular plans except to attend the wedding. We all were in awe of Oahu. None of us expected to ever experience the beauty of Hawaii. The wedding came and went, and it was beautiful, but now it was time for us to experience this breathtaking island.

We did everything we possibly could fit into the next 4 days. We drove to the North Shore in a rented Jeep Wrangler. Rented Scooters and rode up the south side of the island. My sister and I went snorkeling, Ebon did go because his feet were cut up from the coral at the North Shore, and went on a dinner cruise. Ebon and myself rode scooter around Waikiki on Halloween night; that was the best. I have never seen so many adults wearing diapers, Ebon and I could not get over it and actually take it all in, it was so surreal that we were actually celebrating Halloween in Hawaii...All the while having the time of our lives.

I must admit, by the time we boarded the plane we were so sick of each other that we sat in our own rows. Of course this was after the 16-hour delay we had because of a missing light inside the plane. We defiantly needed the space for the 5 and a half hour ride home.

We arrived home at the beginning of November and went on with our lives as normal, all the while always talking about our trip to Hawaii. On February 10, 2006 Ebon at the age of 28 unexpectedly passed away. It has been extremely hard for my sister to deal with losing her husband as well as hard for the whole family. It sure makes it easier to be able to talk about and share with those who were not with us our memories of our trip to Hawaii. How much fun we had and the funny stories about Ebon's unstoppable desire to surf. Although I never actually seen him stand on the board, which is probably why he had bloody nipples! I guess it never crossed his mind to put on a shirt until I mentioned it on our last day. He was an amazing, fun loving, excitement-seeking type of guy who will be dearly missed!

Thank you Hawaii for creating memories to last a lifetime!!

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