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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

A One-Sided Love
Dedicated to I wouldn't like to mention His name

Submitted by Anonymous

I was only 12 when I fell in love with this boy...who was 17. I know it sounds a bit of odd...but it's something that's really true, nothing invented...yes, it's a true story, my story.

I am Simran from India, now living in Australia (places' name and person's names are changed). Can you believe it? I love a boy who is 5 years older than me, I love a boy whom I've never met, I love a boy whom I've never spoken to, I love a boy who doesn't even know that there exists a girl on this Earth, who loves him more than anyone else...Yes I love this boy, I love this boy. His name is Abhay. I first saw him on my television set, and saw him for the last time on my television set. He had participated in a musical show, it was a singing competition. I was never used to watch this show. But one day, I heard Abhay singing. His voice, still echoes in my ears, was the best voice I ever heard. He was singing my favourite song. This attracted me even more. And from this day onwards I started watching this show.

Abhay was not merely a good singer, but, a good human as well. He was probably the best boy I had ever seen. I always like such kind of boys, but I had never happened to meet or see any, except Abhay. He was very polite, very disciplined, he never looked at girls with a wrong intention, he respected girls, an' the best thing I liked about him was that he loved his parents a lot, specifically, his mother. I know, we all love our parents. But it's difficult to find a boy like Abhay, in this generation.

As the days passed, I started liking Abhay more, I started loving him more, and started getting deeper in the world of awkwardness. Every night, every day, every moment, I used to think about him. And I never missed a single opportunity to praise him, his voice, his talents and his kindness. This musical show or program was shown on the television only on Thursdays and Fridays for an hour. There were around 9 participants, who could reach the final. And luckily, Abhay was one of them. Since there were many participants, each one of them had to sing, and everyone got 4 minutes to sing. Just to hear Abhay for 4 minutes, just to see him for 4 minutes, I waited 4 days. Every Thursday, one of the participants used to get eliminated. The one who got the least votes used to get eliminated. This way all 7 participants got eliminated. And at last 2 participants were left. And can you believe it? Abhay was one of them. Soon, the finals arrived. I started praying for Abhay. He always used to say that his biggest dream was to win this challenge. But unfortunately, Abhay lost the challenge. It was unfair, it was really wrong. Abhay's opponent was 32-years-old, he got more votes than Abhay. He got votes only from his hometown. But Abhay got votes from all over India. But sadly, Abhay's opponent's votes (from his hometown) were more. And hence, he won, and Abhay became out. I cried a lot that day. I still remember. The memories are so fresh in my mind, as if it was just yesterday. It was 24th February 2006(date not changed). I could see his dreams broken in his eyes, tears came rolling down his cheek, he didn't say a word after that. He just hugged his mentor, and remained that way. After that I was always sad. Whenever I bring in mind, the last moment, my eyes are filled with tears.

It's not just this. The main part, the main heart-breaking part is left. Once in the show, Abhay said that he loves a girl. I was stunned when I heard this. My parents were out that day. As I heard this, I just burst into tears. I always had a hope that one day I'd meet him, and become a good friend of his, and when he starts liking me, I'd tell him that I love him. But now all the dreams are broken, all the wishes are dead. Now also I pray for him. But now I don't pray that I get him, but I pray that he gets his love, he gets the girl he loves. I pray God to make that girl love him even more than me, but unfortunately, it can never be, because I know, no'ne can love him more than me. I always pray for their happiness. I always ask God to give all my happiness to him, and to give all his sorrows to me. I still pray that.

For you all, it would be a joke, right? That a 12-year-old girl in love with a 17-year-old boy. But it's a true love. It's not just the feeling of love, but this is what you call as love, don't you? Its love when you want that person to be happy, even if you are not a part of his happiness. That is what I am doing. If it was only a feeling of love, then it would have lasted hardly for a month, or a few days. But I still love him. I love him since 10 months. And I'll love him through out my life. I can never love some one so much, never...even if I want to. Do you think it's not love?


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