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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

It happened by suprise
Dedicated to Jason from Honolulu Hawaii

Submitted by Crystal

we met over the internet a year earlier in a site called Love Access and began chatting in hotmail. i hated your proud attitude. you striked me as an idiot. an idiot with nice abs, great lips, great ass, sexy eyes and everything else that comes with the package.

our first conversation was a huge argument, as well as our second...but out third and forth changed my life ....a virgin gaining quite a lot of knowledge. Fir two nights my body yearned for you...Oh Jason how i wanted you.

After those two nights i was dowm to some serious studying because exams were near.i stopped going online for a while and then we just stopped communicating.

A year after...still a virgin at twenty-five. I found myself taking my vacation from work in Hawaii. there were four of us and we stayed at the Outrigger on the Beach hotel- a fasinating view. the management and staff were very professional and most polite. the men were gorgeous and inviting. I was having a ball of a time with friends. One day i decided to take a walk alone along the shores, just enjoying the beautiful scenery and saying to myself that life couldn't get better than this...then as i looked up; there he was the guy from the internet. there was no mistaken identity here because i remembered those eyes and those lips perfectly. i didnt know what to do. i wondered if he would remember me or better yet even want to speak to me. A million thoughts came rushing. I decided to just leave it be. with my heart pounding like a monkey beating a drum, i let him pass me by and just as tears was about to fall from my eyes. i heard someone say 'hey, um this is not a pick up line or anyting but do i know u?' i said "maybe" and he came up to me looking directly in my face and said "crytal?". i smiled.

when i returned to Trinidad from my vacation, i was no longer a virgin and my first time was the best moment of my life, making wild passionate love with a guy seems to know where each part of my body longs for touch. his huge hands caressed every part of me...his sweat dripping on me, his breath smelled so good... i would never forget. Next year I'll be back in Hawaii again.

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