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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

They Said Disabled, We Say Loved
Dedicated to my mother Lori and sister Jackie

Submitted by Nicole

November of 2001 is a month I will never forget. My mother was in her ninth month of pregnancy with her 8th child, and due any time.

When she finally went into labor I , being the 2nd oldest, was with them in Lima when she went into labor and we rushed to the hospital.

Jackie was born and the doctors were silent.
Dazed and confused, my mother asked questions, only at that time to be unanswered.

They took her to her room and later brought in Jackie to be fed her first bottle. She was fine at first and then started turning blue, the nurse grabbed jackie and rushed her to intensive care.

When they finally told us what was happening they said Jackie had Downsyndrome and listed everything that could be wrong with her, they said she would be severly retarded, they said she would have low-tone a heart defect and numerous other negatives.

Jackie is now five years old and my family wouldn't have her any other way, she is smart and loving and without any heart defect. Only because my mom wanted to prove the doctors wrong and works with Jackie nonstop.

My mother spends every waking moment taking care of Jackie's special needs, among those of all her other (now 8) children. My father and mother may go out to eat by themselves once a year if that. I don't think they have not been outside of the State of Ohio together since their honeymoon.

I know what wonderful people my parents are, and they deserve to go somewhere nice. So I asked my mother "If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation where would you go?"
Only to receive the answer that always seems to come from her mouth.
"We don't have the money to go on a vacation and there is too much work for me to do around here."

"but if you had it all paid for and I would take care of things."and she said
"Nicole, you know I never thought about it, because it has never seemed like an option for us, hmmm....."
after quite a bit of hard thinking she finally said "You know if I could go anywhere I would go to Hawaii, because I heard it is such a beautiful place, but I guess you always wish for things you can't have."

I would love more than anything in the world to give that to her, because she gives everything to us kids and leaves almost nothing for herself.

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