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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

2nd Year Honeymoon
Dedicated to Karen

Submitted by Anonymous

A Honeymoon in Niagra, its where we decided to go. We knew the funds weren't available to go on a Luxury Cruise or go somewhere warm & sunny, although we had a wonderful time & enloyed Niagra Falls as much as one can for a few days, I think we wished deep down we could go "somewhere else".

A few years later (with no plans for vacation) I obtained some Airline tickets to fly anywhere the airline flew, since at the time they didn't fly to Austrialia (A place we both would like to visit) we decided to get about half way there & go to Hawaii.

It was the best non-decision we could have ever made. From staying at a hotel right on Waikiki beach on Oahu, to the snorkeling at Hanahuma Bay, to the Luau whwere I proceded to make a fool of myself by volunteering to greet al the women to the Luau with a kiss (on the cheek, of course). Then I drank many Blue Hawaii's & enjoyed the Luau Feast (even the poi wasn't bad) with my wife. I remember on the way home the tour director was leading us in songs & asked some trivia, I actually got one of the answers right (I'm sure there is some mental power in those Blue Hawaii's).

Of course we took a Helicopter (actually a small 8 seater prop plane) tour of the other Islands & saw the active volcano on the Big Island (I think it was the Big Island-anyways I was still having effects from the previous days -you guessed it Blue Hawaii's-LOL) The plane was quite --- well lets not go there, it was quite a memorable experience, my last step off the plane I think I broke the step on the ladder.

We went to comedy club, w& sat i nthe fromt row. the comic made fun of me (I'm big) & of where we live, (Cleveland ,OH) & I loved it, I think my wife wanted to hide but we had a great time & I'm sure I had a few ... B.H. (why bother typing it out-you know what I mean). Our trip was filled with adventures from the Pine Apple factory, they said soon the factory may close , the land is too valuable for pineapples! (Apparently, they just need the land for hotels for us tourists).We drove the Island of Oahu, ( I dont know why I had a rental car) we used it a 4 times.We visited the acclaimed ABC stores.

And of course we went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. For such a nice place as Hawaii, such a tragic sadness there.

Of course we visited the beach a couple times, I don't know where we found the time. What a beautiful place and yet, we haven't seen it all, so we will welcome your call with an invitation to revisit such a wonderful part of the world!!

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