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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Meet Me in Hawaii
Dedicated to All those secret lovers out there

Submitted by Anonymous

Beth seemed to always be the other woman in her relationships with guys. She longed to be her man's one and only, but she continued to be the secret love in his life. One fall day, Beth's secret lover slipped her a note before he rushed off to work. The note had an airline ticket folded up in it and said nothing more than "Meet me in Hawaii." Beth was taken aback a little by the note, but she figured it would be just another fling before he ran back to the states to be with his real girlfriend. When she stepped off the plane, there was a white limo with a chauffer holding a sign that said " one and only." At first she thought that there must be some other person named Beth getting off of the same plane that she was on. When no one else rushed over to the limo, she hesitantly walked over. The man affirmed that she was the Beth that he was waiting for. The driver loaded her luggage into the limo and drove her to a private cabana. Beth's man was waiting there with a beautiful bouquet of native flowers. He said that this trip to Hawaii was a surprise to let her know that she was the only woman in his life now and forever more. He had come to realize that it was really her that he loved. She held him tight as a tear rolled down her cheek. They strolled down to the beach, hand in hand, and watched the sunset.

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