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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Dedicated to Ricahrd My Love

Submitted by Anonymous

It was my sense of adventure that sent me backpacking to Cuba
alone -- that and a screaming deal on a last-minute flight. "I went by
myself, having decided to go at the last minute," says Ivana. Despite having
planned to wander the country on my own, I wasn't a sole traveller for
very long.

Waiting for a bus after arrival in Varadero, I noticed two men dickering
with a cab driver, and remembers thinking: "Those guys look like two nice
Canadian boys." In Havana, she passed the same pair on the Malecon. When I
spied them a third time in a bar in Vinales, I knew fate had stepped my
way, and it was time I heeded the call. "I thought: 'That's it, I'm
introducing myself!' " I said. Both guys were fellow Montrealer's, but it
was Richard Nelson whom Ivana was interested in. I felt that we "connected

So, had Richard noticed Ivana from afar? Not at all, he admits.

"I was oblivious. We were more concerned with the cigars than the women. But
we had a lot in common, and after going our separate ways, we met up again."

When the pair discovered they were booked on the same return flight, they
arranged to sit together.

A month after returning home, they arranged a first date through e-mail. In
October, they flew to San Francisco, where Kyle proposed at the top of the
Mark Hopkins hotel, overlooking the beautiful skyline.

Just a year after that fateful meeting, the couple are registering for
wedding gifts. But no, "We're not getting married in Cuba!" laughs Ivana

"It's Hawaii instead."

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