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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Magic of Hawaii
Dedicated to My Bride

Submitted by Fred

December 1981, Honolulu International Airport

I was standing at the arrivals gate anxiously watching the stream of passengers deplane, anxiously searching the crowd of travelers for my fiancée, Beth. I had arrived that morning from Korea; she – I fervently hoped – was arriving from Texas. The plan was that we'd meet in Honolulu and get married . . . somewhere. That's as much as she knew.

I just said that I'd take care of all the arrangements. I hadn't told her exactly where we'd marry and honeymoon; it was to be a surprise.

It was beginning to look as if the ‘surprise' was on me, and that she might have had second thoughts about getting married. Fortunately for me, that wasn't the case. She was among the last to deplane, and the sight of her emerging from the jet way is an indelible memory.

We married the next day in the thatched-roofed chapel that still stands on the grounds of the old Coco Palms Hotel on Kauai. Hurricane Iniki thoroughly destroyed the hotel, but the chapel survived relatively unscathed – part of the magic that is Coco Palms. That magic smiled on our next 24 years together.

December 2006, Princeville, Kauai. My bride and I are sitting on a lanai overlooking Hanalei Bay while watching a picture-perfect sunset. I had been planning this anniversary celebration – the sunset dinner, champagne, flowers and gifts – since our last visit to Kauai three years earlier. I also presented her with this poem, as a reflection of our devotion, her ageless beauty, and the timeless magic of Hawaii.

Of Fire Born

For millions of years it lay in the void
‘neath the cold, numbing weight of the dark.
Till the earth trembled, the sea floor erupted,
piercing the void with a spark.

From its fiery birth, and for millions more years,
it rose through the depths from the deep.
Layer on layer of liquid hot stone
fighting the crush of the sea.

In a timeless fury of fire and steam,
glowing hot stone fought the cold salty brine,
'Til it burst through the waves, assaulting the tdawn,
breaching the sea for its right.

Eons more passed. The gods come and gone,
quelling the fire and strife.
Soft winds and waves caressing the shore,
bringing with them color and life.

The air became sweet, nature softened the earth,
painted the land a riotous hue,
creating in this heaven on earth
enchantment for just we two.

Hawaii beckoned, overwhelming our senses
with natural beauty given only to few.
But I paid it no mind, I was blind to it all.
Then as now I can see only you.

In this corner of Kauai, blessed by the gods,
cradled by river and sea,
we here came together, pledged our vows,
promised love for eternity.

And so it will be for millions more years,
‘til this paradise sinks from view.
Long after it's gone, this island forgotten . . .
I'll still be loving you.

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