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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Better than the dream
Dedicated to My husband Mike

Submitted by Anonymous

It was one week after the birth of our sixth child that I watched as Mike walked down the street knowning that I wouldnt see him for the next year and a half. After eighteen years together he was headed off to Afghanistan to be embedded with the Afghan national army. Was it having six kids, newborn to ten that let the time pass, the busy schedule of working full time as a nurse, or just the constant checking of emails to see if he had written. Yes, all and more helped us to get through this time but what it was more than anything was the nightly dreams of our lifes and the dreams of our future. I have had so many dreams answered in my lifetime but if I could dream up one more big one it would include Mike and I walking down the beach in Hawaii holding hands, feeling the warmth of the sun on our backs, the coolness of the sand and water between our toes, and the knowledge that I wouldnt wake up from this dream alone.

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