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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Poem/Love Letters.
Dedicated to A sea Captain.

Submitted by Anonymous

I never thought that letters,promised oh so much
Did the writer realise?
When he sent his endless clutch.
Loving ones,happy ones,some to make me cry.
Sensual ones,friendly ones
Then one to say goodbye.
Letters are like people
Each a story all its own,
Why oh why I asked myself
His wild oats he'd not sewn.
Letters are his dream world
Just a game he plays,
Emotions are just many words
What a fool he says.
She swallowed all my pretty lines
Believed I was true blue
It was only letters
I thought she really knew.
Hawaii I would never leave,
This is my dream come true
To long alone now I have been
No room for even you.
When gazing at your sunsets
Or walking by the sea
Give a thought what letters did
They broke my heart you see.

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