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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Special Birthday Trip
Dedicated to Big Doug, The Love Of My Life

Submitted by Selina

As my beloved's birthday approached, I got to thinking. In our twenty years together, all I had ever done was given him thoughtfully chosen greeting cards and prepared special dinners. But this was his 40th--a milestone birthday. My usual just wasn't going to be good enough. I wanted to do something big. Something to show Doug how much I love and appreciate him. Something to prove to him that life isn't over at 40, it's only just beginning.

"If you could go anyplace you want," I asked him, "where would you go?" He didn't even hesitate. "Hawaii." "Hawaii?" I replied in shock. He'd never mentioned it before. "I've always wanted to go there" he said. "But I never thought we'd be able to do it, so I never said anything." "Any particular island?" I asked. "No, just Hawaii."

The challenge was on. Hawaii is comprised of several islands, each with its own special allure. How would I ever choose just one...or two...or three. After days of online research, I decided that we would spend eight days on Maui.

One of the best decisions I've ever made. The relaxed pace of choosing one island and exploring it thoroughly was just the balm we needed. The slow rhythm of Hawaii soothed our weary souls. And its beauty nourished us as we feasted our eyes on one spectacular sight after another.

No matter where we were on Maui, all we had to do to change our vista was turn our heads. We look this way, there's the sparkling ocean. That way, the waterfall-draped mountains loom. We were like people watching a tennis match.

The joy of taking all this in was equalled only by the joy of watching my hubby take it all in. He looked like a kid on his first visit to a chocolate shop. My heart thrilled when he said, "No one's ever done anything like this for me before."

"You totally deserve it," was my reply.

During our visit to paradise, we enjoyed lots of delicious food. There are cattle ranches on Maui, and the beef there was the best we've ever tasted. Island-grown fruit is also worlds apart from that which is produced on the mainland. You haven't eaten pineapple or papaya until you've eaten it in Hawaii.

At the Maui Tropicla Plantation, a lady wove a Hawaiian basket for us while her husband played the ukulele and serenaded us with romantic Hawaiian music. He then wrote a birthday message to my husband on the basket bottom, in Hawaiian. Today, this treasured souvenir occupies a place of honor in our home.

Now, with Doug's 42nd birthday approaching, our minds keep wandering back to that magical trip. The islands are calling us back. Giving these two forty-somethings something grand to look forward to: a thorough exploration of the remaining Hawaiian isles.

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