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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Hula Skirt
Dedicated to Gayel Given

Submitted by Rebecca

In 1969 I was a poor child growing up in Montgomery, Alabama. I was one of seven children and we didn't have many luxuries. My oldest sister was an adult and had moved to Hawaii with her new husband to go to the University there. I was thrilled one day to open a package from her that included a hula skirt and lei for me and one for my little sister. She also sent a Hawaiian shirt and lei for my little brother. It was summer time, but we were so happy to get those items, it was almost like Christmas. She lived there for several years, but we never got to visit her. I have always longed to be able to take a trip to Hawaii, but due to finances, have never been able to go. I hope to win the trip.

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