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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Ode to Hawaii
Dedicated to My Grandparents

Submitted by Cheryl

I was jogging down the beach one early morning on the East Coast. The cool breeze was swirling some of the sand around me. I couldn't help, but think how lovely it would be to run on the white sand of Hawaii. I imagined the warm ocean breeze and the floral smell were consuming me. While lost in my daydream, I felt an impact and strong arms surround me. I had run into an athletic stranger. I profusely apologized and all he could do was laugh. He was finally able to express how it wasn't a problem, as if this were something that happened every day! He asked if he could jog with me and I explained my dream of leaving the cold weather to enjoy the lush tropical climate of Hawaii. He said that it was his dream to and asked me to go for a hot chocolate to warm up. As I looked into his warm brown eyes, I could not refuse.

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