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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to My Sweetpea

Submitted by Anonymous

My Sweetpea come with me
To exotic, tropical Hawaii
We'll watch the humpback whales
And go back home with magical tales
Please come with me to Hawaii

From the minute you and I arrive
In the spirit of Hawaii we'll come alive
We'll don the traditional Hawaiian lei
I know we'll wear it many a day
Enjoying Aloha scents of paradise

Memorable times we'll share at a luau
With delicious authentic Hawaiian chow
As we watch a graceful Hula dance
Swaying grass skirts gracefully prance
The sounds of the drums will fill the air

Delicacies with you I'll share
Whatever tropical foods that we dare!
Roast pork, fish and tender chicken
Dripping juices from your fingers I'll be licking!
Just come with me to Hawaii

We'll saddle up together
Enjoy the horses in perfect weather
Explore lush forests and hidden places
A peaceful day touring magnificent spaces
Join me Sweetpea in Hawaii

We'll ride thru paradise together
And frolic in the perfect weather
We'll amble thru the tranquil surroundings
Even though our hearts will be pounding
Please come with me to Hawaii.

I'll plan the perfect dinner cruise
Enjoy a sunset explosion of hues
We'll never forget the romance at sea
The glittering skyline of Waikiki

Picture lacy white sandy beaches
As our ship the horizon reaches
Imagine the sky in a deep pink and orange-red
Gentle breezes carrying ocean scents to my head
Come with me to paradise

At our table I'll offer a toast
While we cruise along the coast
We'll enjoy the gentle ocean air
The entertainment and dancing we'll share
Truly an evening we'll never forget.

Come with me to Hawaii, please
Sweetpea I'm asking on bended knees
I want to make our life together
Paradise and what could be better
Come with me to Hawaii!

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