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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Journey of Love - a poem
Dedicated to Mark Duray

Submitted by Alison

Like the distant winds that blew
the brave, native, exploring peoples
to their home of Hawaii
So did life send me to you.

The wrong turns and the violent waves
I braved to come to you.
And on arrival I knew I was home.
There was no further need to explore.
I had found you.

Harsh winds and terrible storms
have ripped at my sides and
left their scars.
I have survived. I am proud of,
and thankful for, the strength it required.

You are my home and my refuge.
You've given me a vision of the
power of nature and a taste
of how sweet, like honey,
life can be.

Like the sun brightening the dawn
or the full shining moon at night
you fill my skies and give light
to my eyes.

I love you now and always

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