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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Cute Shoes
Dedicated to My Darling Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

I married at the age of 25 and my husband was 30. It was a love that I could picture us growing old together and watching the grandkids running around the house while I cooked a family Sunday dinner. We had two children together. Life was perfect. I was a stay at home mom and my husband was a Doctor. After 3 years we had our first daughter. Christina was a beautiful baby. Two years later we had our Son. Ben looked just like his father with a thick head of blonde hair. Life was perfect in every aspect.

One night as I was home preparing dinner and the children were doing their homework at the kitchen table there was a knock at the door. I went to the door and a police man stood at the door. His face looked sad and my heart sank quickly to my stomach. There had been an accident on the highway. I heard his words but I felt like I was in a tunnel as he told me my beloved husband had been killed in the accident. He assured me he hadn't suffered. My body went numb. How could this be? It must be a mistake. But it wasn't. In an instant my life had changed in a way that can't be described. The love of my life was gone.

I hadn't worked in several years and I had 2 kids, ages 10 and 12 to raise. I was alone and scared. I found a job during the day while the kids were at school and started a home business to work in the evenings when the children were in bed. Somehow I made ends meet. I was able to keep a roof over our head, food on the table and still go to all of the kid's school functions and sporting events. I got both kids through school and off to college and then it hit me…. I am alone now. There was never time or desire to date.

My sister and her husband spent every February in Hawaii. Now that the kids were gone she asked me to come and join them for a week vacation. I booked the flight and packed my bag. The weather was wonderful. The warm sun, beautiful sea and fresh air. I was in heaven.

One afternoon my sister and I went down to the beach for the afternoon. Afterwards she suggested that we wander around the shops and have some lunch. We went to a shoe shop called The Sandal Tree. We were browsing around the store. The sandals were beautiful and they had many unusual ones. I love sandals and shoes. I was in heaven in that store. Every few steps I would gasp and say to my sister "oh, look at these! They're so cute" and "Oh, these are so cute". I glanced up and our eyes met. He was gorgeous. He smiled at me and I shyly smiled back, a little embarrassed. My sister and I continued to pick up shoes and exclaim "how cute"… Then he came up next to me and mimicked me picking up a sandal and saying "how cute" with a smile. He said maybe I should open a sandal store and name it "How Cute". I bought a pair of back thongs with little gold dolphins on it. As I was trying them on he came by and said "now those are cute". I was embarrassed and said nothing. He was w
th his Mother and she purchased a pair of sandals too. We all left the store and went our separate ways.

The rest of the afternoon I couldn't get him out of my mind. Those blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. My sister and I went into another store to look at the clothes. My sister, her husband and I were going out to eat so I was looking for something Hawaiian to wear to dinner that night. I was at a rack and I felt someone looking at me. I turned and he and his mother were in the back of the store looking at dresses for her as they too were going out that evening. We looked at each other and smiled. I found a very cute dress and tried it on. I came out of the dressing room to show my sister. He almost seemed like he too was waiting to see me in my new dress. He told me that that was definitely the one I should buy. My sister agreed and we all laughed. I bought the dress and we left the store. As I was purchasing the dress my sister stepped outside the shop to make a call home letting her husband know that we would be back soon and that dinner reservations were for 6:00pm. I said good-bye to this sweet stranger and we left the mall. I couldn't stop talking about him. I felt like a teenager again. I felt giddy that someone was flirting with me. Although I didn't think we would ever see each other again. It gave me hope that some day I will find Mr. Right.

That evening we dined at a wonderful restaurant on the beach. The sun was setting and a warm breeze came through the open air restaurant. Just as the 3 of us were sipping on our drinks I heard the sweetest voice say from behind me… "cute shoes". It was my mystery man. We invited him to sit down for a drink. As we sipped our mai tai's we couldn't take our eyes off each other. It was as though there wasn't another soul in the entire restaurant. He asked if I would join him after my dinner for a walk on the beach. I could hardly eat.

When dinner was done Chris and I met on the patio and walked on the beach. He promised my sister that he wouldn't keep me out too late. The following year we returned to that same beach only this time it was to be married. That was 10 years ago and we are just as in love with each other and Hawaii as ever.

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