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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Chance of a Life Time
Dedicated to Donald J. Friday

Submitted by Margaret

In 1997, it was a chance of a lifetime for our family to be able to afford a 14 day vacation in Hawaii through "Your Man Tours". Can you imagine an Africian American Family being able to take a vacation in Hawaii? At that time and take along their then 12 year old daughter Felicia? It was indeed unheard of especially since we had both grown up in Detroit Michigan with our families both working in factories. It was just a dream and something you just fantasized from watching T.v. We were married March 16, 1968 and had raised two other children. Donna Marie born in September of 1968 and Donald Jr. born in September of 1974.

We just made up our minds to enjoy our first and only honeymoon in Hawaii. It took us two years to save up for the trip and send in payments every week. We finally made it and decided to also give Felicia the chance of her lifetime, since this chance might never come around again. Felicia is now 20 years old with a son named Jason of her own who just turned one years old. He is now walking and carrying around the Hawaiian picture that we took back then. He smiles at it all the time becauses he knows that this was a chance of a lifetime. One day we hope to return there and remember the love that really does exist in the hearts of families.

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