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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Chat Confusion
Dedicated to Twiddles

Submitted by Anonymous

Chatting with my online friend who lives in Pennsylvania whom I had never met in real life before,I described my home town. I told him about the luscious green swaying palm trees of all different varieties that dotted our city. Told him about the unusual orchids and trees that grow here. Mentioned the beaches with tourists galore in the wintertime. Described how it was to be surrounded by water and the ocean. Spoke of our many fine restaurants and the art festivals we have here in the wintertime.

My friend was so impressed, that he told me that he would like to fly over and meet me and see my beautiful city. A few days later I got a email from my online friend asking what part of Hawaii I lived in so that he could check out airfares and start planning a trip to come over here. I couldn't help but burst out with laughter over this and immediately wrote to my online friend. You see there was one problem with us meeting in Hawaii. I don't live in Hawaii, I live in Miami, Florida!!!!!!!!

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