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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

What The Love Should Be....?
Dedicated to my lovely husband Zia Mohiuddin

Submitted by attia

What the love should be…….?

Every one in the world has different way of love and thinking about different things. Hawaii is all what the love should be but for me the first love should be husband then anything else because is your love is your husband then it will make the world heaven for both of you in the life. So my first love is my husband that's why in word Hawaii every letter has different meaning in my life
"H" is for my husband who I love very much
"A" is for America where the doors of opportunities are open for me every time
"W" is for wonderful land where I wish to go and pass my life with my love one
"A" is for aloha where the life is everywhere in form of trees, flowers, ocean, fish, birds, pili grass, and the rainbow
"I" is for my imaginary world where I spend time everyday and think myself a princess
"I" is for the interest that I took to writ my thinking about the word Hawaii in this contest

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