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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My Only True Love
Dedicated to My True Love Berto

Submitted by Anonymous

A wind, brings the smell of a scent so strong
your loving arms don't let me go
to understand what you have done
what God has done is so unreal

I cannot describe what you mean to me
your frienship, your love, your arms around me
Your lips, your eyes have captured me
A love so pure, a love so real
My only true love

So now we stand upon this shore
what more
Do I hear a shore
I hear the waves
they are whispering......
Will you marry me
Here we are upon these shores in this place
my gown, a breeze, your loving arms
a scent so strong, to understand what God has done

It is so real, to be right here
in your loving arms
My only true love right here
with you on the shores of Hawaii
God bless this place,
God bless this life, my only true Love

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