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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

I Fell in Love Today
Dedicated to Tony Banks

Submitted by Crystal

I met him Wahiawa Hawaii
Been waiting for this for so long.
Talking over the internet
Has given us a conncetion so strong.
I told you to take me back to the Hotel
And that's where it all began.

We entered the room
And locked the door
When you looked at me
My body yearned for more
I jammed you to the wall
And took off your clothes
When I saw your naked body
For you I began to thirst.
I was very aggressive,
But with you I couldn't compete.
You lifted me up
And rested me softly on the sheets
As lay there on the large strong bed
was all that was going through my head.
Our first kiss set my heart on fire.
My body was calling and longing for desire.
When you finally took off my clothes
I felt your naked body against mine
And that night we took each other places we've never been before.
That night we were made one.
And you are my husband now.
Tony you are my love
I know that you've been sent from above
This day I will never forget.....
But we still have to wait and see
For all of this

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