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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Conquering Cowboy
Dedicated to All who read it

Submitted by Colleen

There I was, sitting on the rocks at the waters edge, dreaming of what I wanted in the perfect man. He must be friendly, chivalrous, loving, gentle, and fun loving. It wouldn't hurt if he was cute, with deep blue eyes and shoulder length tawny hair. A muscular build is never out of place and of course would allow him to carry me away with ease. Now where would I find this mythical creature except in Hawaii? They tell me that Hawaii is filled with romance and has everything a woman could want so am I wrong in assuming that I would find the perfect mate there?

Suddenly I hear a pounding I know that dreaming of my white knight has increased my heartbeat, but surely it can't be as loud as it sounds. The water is calm, and there is no breeze to speak of, so it can't be waves crashing against the rocks. About the time I open my eyes to see what or who has invaded my world I feel myself lifted off the rocks. My breath is taken away and all I can see is a pair of the biggest blue eyes and a warm smile. He quietly tells me to sit still and hold on. As if I would let go! I am nestled in the arms of a gorgeous cowboy on the largest horse I have ever seen. If I let go I will fall, but if I hold on I don't know where I will end up.

I hold on tight as we race along the sand with the wind in our faces and the sun warming our backs. There is a clap of thunder, the skies open up, the rains come down through the sun, and the most beautiful rainbow is there in front of us. My conquering cowboy carries me, with the help of his horse of course, under the rainbow and we continue until the storm stops. The sun quickly dries our clothes. There is a fresh scent to the air and I think that I have found my dream man.

Right then I decided that if just dreaming of Hawaii can bring me such happiness then maybe we should go there. My conquering cowboy can probably ride the waves as well as he does his horse.

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