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Love Stories of Hawaii


Man Of My Dreams
Dedicated to Shane

Submitted by Anonymous

As a young girl I always dreamed of Prince Charming coming to sweep me off my feet; however, as I grew up, I also grew out. I became morbidly obese before I finally had the inclination to change my life.

I decided I was too young to be so overweight and needed to do something about it. I tried all the diets I could think of and nothing worked. Finally, I discussed bariatric surgery with my doctor and went for it.

In June of 2004 I had gastric bypass surgery and I now feel great. In May of 2005, I met my "dream come true" man. He has been loving, kind, and extremely supportive of my diet and excercise needs. We like to go for walks on the beach hand-in-hand. At Christmas, he asked me to marry him and we have set an August of 2006 wedding date. We will honeymoon in Hawaii and plan to make it a very romantic occasion.

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