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Love Stories of Hawaii


Wedding Poem
Dedicated to Kristi DeCisero

Submitted by Anonymous


The road of life
Has many twists and turns
Sometimes turbulent
Always forcing to learn

Now these young lovers
Have walked that mile
Searching for someone
To ease a smile

For every step mistaken
Every dream awakened
The constant for one
The unity of us all

Standing here before you
Who matter most
The chosen few
Their lives' host

Thank you one
Thank you all
For joining us here
As they answer the call

And what is it
That's brought us
And drives us
And finds us

That makes you sick
And tries our soul
The answers they seek
We've all been told

One can spend
The sum of a life
Searching for meaning
Through struggle and strife

The question is simple
The search can be long
But when it is answered
There can be no wrong

Now no one can tell you
For when it's been found
But from here on out
Your souls shall be bound

The storms they will pass
The sky will be brightened
The burden of loneliness
It's weight will be lightened

There is but one
Single extraordinary word
That lifts the soul
Whenever it's heard

The reason we're here
We've traveled so far
One little word
Like that of a star

Know beyond any doubt
That what they have is true
That which they share
Only shared by few

Let there be light
That warms your soul
And when this is over
Never feel cold

Carry their message
To your everyday life
And these two lovers will
As husband and wife

To honor and cherish
Through thick and thin
Two become one
A new life to begin

And what better place
Than an island in the sun
To start our new life
With some Hawaiian fun

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