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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Hawaii
Dedicated to My loving husband, Zac

Submitted by Jennifer

After hours of talking with family, friends, and each other, my college sweetheart and I decided that in the summer of 2002 we would marry at the ages of 22 and 20 respectively. Yes, we were young, but we were so in love....and oh so crazy since we had to plan our wedding in one month!!

Our parents were very supportive, but you can imagine the stress! We decided to have our wedding in my in-laws' backyard, complete with a deck and pool. My mother did all of the decorations and my mother-in-law made all of the necessary arrangements to make sure everything went smoothly. It was going to be wonderful, we thought.

However, there was one thing that was missing that I had always dreamt of...a luxurious, romantic honeymoon in Hawaii. We certainly did not have the money to go to Hawaii as young as we were and considering we were moving a week after the wedding. So, our parents got us a hotel room in Pittsburgh and we spent the weekend there and went to the zoo.

When I look back on our "little honeymoon" in Pittsburgh, I still wish it were Hawaii. But I realize now, over three years later, that because I was with my new husband and we were going to share the rest of our lives together, that Pittsburgh was more than just was our "little Hawaii". I still hope to go to the real Hawaii someday for our honeymoon, but for now, the memories of our weekend honeymoon are absolutely perfect.

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