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Love Stories of Hawaii


Lovin' Laundy Man
Dedicated to Who else?

Submitted by Sue

"Hawaii is beckoning us, my honey
Stop doing the laundry
Don't worry
‘bout money"

"The beautiful flowers;
the Sun and Sea
are calling us now-
Shut off the T.V."

"Get your swimsuit from the bottom
Of your drawers
And if it "don't fit"
Run out to the stores!"

Laundry Man's wife
Has won him a trip
A trip of a lifetime
But here is the tip:

If she didn't love him
Like fleas love to jump
Like girls love to giggle
Like bears love a dump:

She wouldn't have tried
To win him a trip
She wouldn't have loved him
or given a "rip"

But she does, and she did
(win him a trip)
To show that she loves him
More than "a bit"

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