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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Smile a Little Smile For Me
Dedicated to Mickey Lakatos

Submitted by Anonymous

When I walked off of the elevator and you walked on our eyes meet and you smiled a little smile at me. I thought, "what a beautiful smile and what beautiful eyes." The door closed and I wondered why I couldn't of been bold enough to say hello. I believed my opportunity to meet you was gone.

When I arrived home my friends were cooking dinner, and I told them about the man with the beautiful smile and eyes. My friends said, "Oh, that is great!" My friends proceeded to tell me that they had invited some people over that I hadn't met before. They informed me to get ready because one of the guests had a Mickey Mouse tattoo and his name was Mickey – I am a huge Mickey Mouse fan.

The doorbell rang and when I answered the door there was the man with the beautiful smile and eyes right in front of me. He smiled and I about melted! He came in and I was introduced to Mickey (with the Mickey Mouse tattoo).

Mickey and I dated and fell in love in Hawaii. We lived together for eight years on Oahu and had a wonderful life of hiking, biking, swimming, boogie boarding, and just living the laid back life of Hawaii. We made the best of living in Hawaii and never took for granted the beauty and peacefulness we found on the beaches and in the local people.

Mickey returned to the mainland to attend college, and I remained in Hawaii. When I came to the mainland for Christmas (six months after he had left)I stopped and visited him at his home in Chicago. When Mickey opened the door he smiled a little smile for me, and my heart sunk.

That was 25 years ago…Mickey and I are still together and now have three beautiful children (one whose name is Hawaiian). Mickey always told me he would take me back to Hawaii, but that hasn't happened. We live off of the wonderful memories of Hawaii that we made, and when things get crazy I look for his beautiful smile and eyes and remember that all is well!

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