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Love Stories of Hawaii


Tropical Dreams
Dedicated to The love of my life, Austin

Submitted by Joanna

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Joanna and she dreamed of a beautiful Hawaiian wedding. It would take place at sunset on the beach, standing there in her white gown with the cool sand between her toes; she would marry Austin, her college sweetheart. Everyone in attendance would be entranced by the combination of salty ocean air and sweet Dendrobium Orchids that wafted past them in the breeze as the happy couple recited their vows. After the ceremony, a band would come down to the beach and play for the reception. The newlyweds would be surrounded by beautiful music, smiling faces, and....tiki torches, of course. Carefree family and friends celebrate the union by laughing and dancing the night away under the stars. Here in Hawaii, the everyday stress of the mainland cannot disturb the serenity and joy of the islands. All good things must come to an end, so as the last of their friends exited the beach, the couple retired to their honeymoon suite, and talked about their magical day and the wonderful future that lay before them, until the sun came up...Do you believe dreams can come true? For Joanna's sake, I hope they can.

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