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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Baby Beach
Dedicated to Tre

Submitted by Tammy

I peddled my bike down to Baby Beach and grabbed my snorkel, mask and fins off the handlebars. Another beautiful morning on Maui. As I was pulling back my hair a tall, very handsome man came walking down the trail. We exchanged mutual smiles and I started heading towards the water.
"Excuse me, would you care to join me for breakfast?" he asked, pointing to the bag he was carrying.
"That would be nice" I answered and headed back to join him on the blanket he was spreading.
"I'm Tre" he said and extended a hand.
As soon as our fingers touched I felt like an electric shock was going through me. He held my hand for a moment and smiled, while looking deep into my eyes. I melted.
"I'm Tammy" I finally managed to get out.
I joined him on the blanket as he unpacked the bag. He began to tell me of his upcoming plans to move to New Zealand. He was the beverage manager for one of the hotels and was being transferred there. I listened intently as he described the beauty and background of the country.
We talked and laughed while feasting on fresh pineapple, just baked rum cake, and Lion coffee. The flavors of breakfast, this wonderful man I had just met, and the beauty of the beach filled every one of my senses.
After breakfast we put on our gear and took a bag of frozen peas down to the beach. We snorkeled in the warm, clear water with the sun on our backs through the trails of reefs. Bright colored fish came by and we fed them the peas. It was like a beautiful forest under water.
We finished snorkeling then rode our bikes back to my apartment and swam in the pool. I laid on a lounge chair soaking up the sun while he swam some laps. I heard him get out of the water. Every part of my body was warmed by the sun.
Suddenly I felt tender lips on mine in a beautiful, butterfly light kiss. It was magic.
"I have to leave for work" he said as we gazed at each other with lazy smiles on our faces. "Come and see me tonight, okay?" he asked.
"I will, I get done at ten" I answered.
I finished work that night and showered and made sure I looked my absolute best. I put on a sheer white cover up over my bikini and a pair of golden sandals. I went to the lounge at the hotel he worked for and snuggled up in an overstuffed chair. The lights were low and a warm breeze flowed through from the patio. Sensual exotic music played in the background. He came over in a casual white suit with a white tee shirt under it. He was absolutely gorgeous.
I moved to New Zealand with him three weeks later. There is a happily ever after and a perfect sunset…in Hawaii.


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