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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

One more reason
Dedicated to Yury

Submitted by Annalay

I wish I had words to explain it,
enough feelings to show you
that way you make me feel, my baby,
when you are next to me
But little girl when you take a step close
I don't know what you do,
don't know where you touch
that every single part of me
has no power at all.
And you make me strong,
you make me a soldier
day after day, night after night
you have the magic to make this stronger.
because I believe in halves
I believe in truth
I believe in your heart
I believe in you.
That's why when you cry, I do it too
when you smile, I laugh back at you
that's why when you love
I feel loved, and I love you too.
Every time you open your eyes
when you look at the sky,
when you talk about traveling one day to Hawaii,
it's one more reason that makes me feel alive.
Now I'm not scared and I want to get older
older by your side,
and tell the whole world
that not ever death will be one reason
to make us apart.
I love you....

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