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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

A moment that lasts forever
Dedicated to Othoman

Submitted by Glenda

There are a couple of things that my Mother has taught me about love. She said to find someone who would cherish me for who I am and not to marry someone just because he has money. My dad use tell me stories about falling in love with my Mom the first time that he ever saw her.

When I was finished highschool I moved to Edmonton from the Yukon. This is when I met Othomans brothers, and my sister actually hung out with one of his brothers so knows their family a bit. I remember AJ always mentioning that he has a brother, but I use to think who cares, like I'll ever meet him. One day Jacqueline and I were hanging out, and she said to me, "they have a cute brother." I said to her, "Ok, like I'll ever meet him."

Well, how can I ever forget this day that I met Othoman? I was walking out of the dollar store, and wearing a black dress, pink cardigan, and beach sandles. I looked over to where one of the guys I was with was, and this was when I first saw Othoman. The way that we staired into each others eyes, I just knew that it was meant to be for us. It was by a carwash. I blushed. I never blush. Then I went and sat in my friends car who he was talking with, and he came up to me and gave me his number. I told him that my I had friends who were the same nationality as he was, and he asked me a couple of questions about them, and guess what they were his brothers.

I never thought that I would ever meet someone who I would fall in love like this, usually it takes me a long time to be interested in someone. I couldn't believe that I met someone who was so handsome and georgeous, and who I felt so comfortable around that makes me content even though we are so far apart.

Well, I moved away to Burnaby to go to University last year because I had quit my job and everything for a guy who I was planning to get married to. He used to be one of my bestfriends. I've been talking on the phone with Othoman, and he's waiting for me. We are going to move in together when I move back to Edmonton this spring. I'm so excited he is the kind of guy who would go biking or who spend time with me.

Something that is really special about this year is it will be ten years this February since our Dad has been not in our lifes anymore. My sister maybe might elope this summer with her fiancee, and we are planning to record an album for some of Dad's friends. I was hoping to go to Hawaii with my sister but now that they are getting married I guess its not in the books for us. It would be so romantic though to go to Hawaii or somewhere with just me and Othoman to make up for the time that we have been apart, and it would be a nice memory to have for beginning our lives with each other also.

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