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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

A new beginning
Dedicated to David

Submitted by Cortney

"Why have you come here?" he asked with curiosity to the lady with the heavy brow. He could see she was carrying a heavy load, but only brought with her one neatly packed brown leather bag. It was not the type of bag that any woman would carry. This bag was expensive, and it told a million stories of the places it had been, all of them looking for something that could not be found until the moment was decided for her. "I'm leaving for Hawaii in an hour." She spoke with disinterest, no eyes made contact and her arms locked tightly against her small, cold frame. "I'm also heading to Hawaii.. a little vacation for myself and some time to reflect away from the rat race that fills my daily grind." She could care less. She had no interest in making friends, only to get to the beach and surround herself in the sunshine and warm water. She longed to be back in Hawaii and to take in the friendliness of the locals.

"I can see you're not so interested in carrying this conversation any further, so I'll head over to our gate. I can see a couple seats have opened up over there." He hesitantly got up from his seat, hoping that maybe there would be a tinge of remorse for her cold responses.. but nothing. She watched him walk over to their gate, intrigued by his kindness and sincerity. She wanted to open up to him, she felt compelled to follow him, but didn't. Her pride won over, once again. This, just a long line of introductions gone bad. She looked down at the seat next to her. There she found his boarding pass, which he had left behind. "On purpose?" She thought to herself.. "If this is his way of peeking my interest, it's working." She got up, terrified, and walked over to where he was sitting.

"Anyone sitting here?" "I thought you'd never ask." He spoke with such warmth. "I see we're sitting next to eachother during the flight." She couldn't help but rejoice from within. She hadn't felt this excited to sit next to another human being in over 10 years.

They talked and laughed during the eight hour flight, every year for thirty years. This year they will celebrate their 31st anniversary in Hawaii, the place where they fell in love.

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