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Love Stories of Hawaii


Real Life - Forever
Dedicated to Scott

Submitted by K.M

I see your face, and my heart flutters;
The flowers in your hands melt me.

My daddy kisses me as he lifts my veil;
"I Do" he mutters and my life is complete.

We play and run free;
spending time and money carelessly.

Our firstborn arrives;
What a miracle of love.

Another so soon? Are you sure, my dear?
Happy day, he joins us on his due date.

Hardships fall, health is tentative;
All I want is for my boys to remember me.

A year goes by, and then another;
A miracle appears - my third baby boy.

Oh, what a difference from two to three;
My well planned life is no longer in control.

Will I survive, doing all the work by myself?
Perhaps he'll help with just one thing tonight?

His hours are long, I barely see my husband;
Yet he sends me token cards for our anniversary.

He says he loves me, and I believe him;
For deep in my soul, I will always love him, too.

It's been 20 years since our trip to Hawaii;
It's time to rekindle our love,
Travel back to the beginning of our life.

But this time the boys will come along;
And make us whole.

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